Like Winter

The following two sets were inspired (wait for it……) by this weather out here in PA. One day it’s blistery cold and we have a “storm” and the next day it’s 50 and sunny. Just don’t know how to dress for this stuff! So both these outfits play into the weird weather we’re having around these parts. I would die to have at least 1 jacket fit my arms the right way. So many times I’ve had something fit perfectly but I didn’t get it because the sleeves were shorter than short on me (curse you long-arms!!! well not really, but you know). Anywho…

I would most defintely wear this outfit to work or it can just be a basic going on the run outfit. As usual, I threw in the pop of color from the bag.



This next set is what I would wear during those windy, blistery days. I would also probably rock some fuggs or timbs instead of those boots though (gotta watch out for black ice!!). [sidenote: fuggs are Fake Uggs]. A scarf is a must in our household so I threw in that printed scarf that looks o’so comfy.



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